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Convery logged on to BTCT thread for the first time in several weeks and deleted all the comments. So, they also decided to claim that i tried to extort them. Keep in mind i have been dealing with this group since August, they provided no proof of extortion claim, didn’t even bother to manipulate a pm like the other group and they immediately locked the Droxne thread.

Cmc.io aggregates data from different sources and it is not responsible for any missing or incorrect information. We reserve the right to delete any website page without prior notifications. CryptoRank provides crowdsourced and professionally curated research, price analysis, and crypto market-moving news to help market players make more informed trading decisions. If you’re looking for a set of practical and insightful crypto market information and data, we have the analytics tools to suit your business needs. If you are interested in the cryptocurrency market, even if you are not holding any BTC, you should still be tracking its daily movements closely. Chances are, if you pull the chart for your favorite alternative currency and you compare it to BTC, then you will likely see some interesting data.

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There is risk, that’s why invest only the money that you can afford to lose. The problem with people today is their inability to comprehend clear statements. I have no problem waiting on a legit project.

It is still well and peaceful in this thread, except for one very disgruntled investor. Losses are not unusual in the crypto space particularly when coins or tokens launch. They are often overvalued and crash at inception.

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I deduced that their plan was to essentially force a recipient to pay a ransom in other to release the BTC. So, i literally stayed up all night and kept reposting my comment on their thread cos they kept deleting it. Finally the thread was deleted by the forum admin after it generated enough buzz. Info about the scam can still be found on twitter. I made a comment about it on the BTCT thread and on slack. Several members of the forum requested that Convery explain the situation.

This correlation analysis will help you to know the connection and influence Bitcoin has over other cryptocurrencies. Feel free to use this information for better trading decisions. Game controller with Tokens crypto currency on purple background. I understand that some of you bought in at this price and could give a fuck about what happens to future investors who might fall into the trap and buy at a higher price prior to the next dumping. However, like i keep repeating it’s really easy to be fucking greedy but pretty difficult to be unselfish.

The DROXNE to USD chart is designed for users to instantly see the changes that occur on the market and predicts what will come next.

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Since he can’t deflect the numerous proof or request that my post be deleted, he choose to hurl insult. But i stopped it due to unresponsive developer,and i started to believe it’s a scam project. Without providing legitimate answers for this, all it entails is a coercion with convery to scam new investors. We have set up desktop wallets to hold development reserve funds from donations and or any income the platform may earn from staking or advertising.

Rather than denote their action as a scam, i have decided to provide the readers with tangible info and let them deduce if it’s a scam or not. In a situation, where some decides that it’s a scam, i would please hope that they act according to help raise awareness. I asked the forum admin/moderators for help, and even provided multiple proofs to show that this claims were untrue. They all declined and stated that there was nothing they could do about it. Droxne was founded in 2017, it is not trading on any exchanges.

The guy who could just shut up and hopefully recoup some of the thousands i lost on this coin but rather speak against the atrocities is only thinking about himself. Am sorry, you didn’t do enough research before investing but that not a reason to keep quiet so you can shill and dump useless coins on unsuspecting investors. In case you wondering, i invested 0.95btc with this dev and my total coin is now worth 0.0234btc, so if anyone should be screaming for help it should be me.

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Keep in mind i have been dealing with Convery since August, but all of a sudden i now decide to extort him. No proof was provided, they didn’t even bother manipulating a PM like the Padideo scam group. Those investors who bought at 1000 sat, then turned around and sold it for 2k – 3k to other individuals who couldn’t afford to spend up to 5 BTC. I personally purchased 0.76 BTC worth at 3k sat.

  • 481 crypto gaming illustrations & vectors are available royalty-free.
  • The same holds true when thing dont look right there many be no bad intentions.
  • By using our software, you’ll be able to figure out these correlations much more quickly.
  • Here is a comment from the account that i purchased my OTC coins from.
  • A lot of ppl will say whatever just to transfer their losses unto you.

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Well, i will make sure to end every post, with the comment below, cos am sure you guys will rather have this buried. But, i think this comments about a new team is the dev working behind the scene to spit shine a turd, and am not going to allow it. The dev has stated he no longer owns any coins.

Again bro here goes my wallet, sitting right beside your statement and you can verify the date and see that the droxne logo on the bottom tab. Iwil repeat myself again, it’s easy to be greedy but really difficult to be unselfish bro. For those of you that are interested and want to peruse, here is a small sample of my post that was deleted. I couldn’t save it all, like i said, this has been going on since august, but here is a small sample.

I was present daily hyping the coin on this thread, slack and on topia when it got listed. I actually sent the first info to get this coin listed on coin market cap, so when you make sly comments about «our thread» or the dumb comment from https://coinbreakingnews.info/ the poster below you, it looks really silly to me. Some of you might also recognize my name from the first Nebule scam attempt. They were attempting to con individuals to send btc to a multi-signature address in other to claim their coin.

That’s unfortunate, because while many traders are trying to find chart patterns and watch the news 24/7 they are ignoring a very important detail. As an investor, it’s important to realize that cryptocurrencies, while different in many ways are still very dependent on each other. The market is so close knit, that when one currency starts to either go up or down, you can expect other currencies to follow suit. Wondering if the Altcoin prices depend on Bitcoin?

Basically, showing that they didn’t read thru any of the threads and was basically copying an attempt made by a scam group in an effort to deflect their current negative plight. DROXNE is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency gaming platform which uses DRXNE as its in-game currency. For every BTC and altcoin pairing, we show you the percentage of impact that the price will have on the other currency.

You are advised to carefully consider all opinions with the context of your own decision making and analysis. CurrencyDex.com expressly disclaims any liability for any loss of principal or profits without limitation which may custom financial software arise directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on such information. He also state that the dev rebutted my claim about him initiating the August dump, but i really don’t have to show any more proof that it’s a lie.

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GameFi tokens crypto currency with game controller on blue background. Again, another one of you supposedly new member just spew a bunch of word but refuses to answer the question posed. I provide you with detailed questions and your answer is to tell me to blindly join your quest to promote a scam project, just so i can get my investment back.

  • How do you plan to protect the new investors you courting from Convery?
  • I rather make sure, they have all the info, and what they do with that is up to them.
  • Also, if one choose to look, they can easily locate my email address on this thread and with the name attached to the email, they can see that i live in the States and work in Healthcare.
  • When i posted an OTC thread pic showing that Convery made close to 25 BTC of this coin thru OTC, then turned around and dumped it from 1080 sat to 108 sat, so he could net 0.7 BTC.

We specialize in buying and selling foreign currency for any amount. The correlation information expressed here is 100% accurate, and you can use this to plan your trades accordingly. This software is mostly useful for traders and not really for long term investors who would be concerned with other metrics like news, tech, ect. The tool will help you to see Bitcoin and altcoin price correlation. Well, the computer compares the day to day price of the alt coin you have selected against Bitcoin’s path.


When i posted an OTC thread pic showing that Convery made close to 25 BTC of this coin thru OTC, then turned around and dumped it from 1080 sat to 108 sat, so he could net 0.7 BTC. My comment was deleted and prior question was also deleted. Vector droxne crypto currency coin pictogram. Hunter i will be in denial if i said am not angry and there is no hatred directed towards convery.

So yeah anything can be a scam on the internet, but this one is not a maybe, it’s already proven, and since you have all the facts like you claimed then you already know this. Thus my bewilderment/doubt on you guys true intention. Man if you spent all this time helping this coin grow you would get your investment back. If you keep wasting your time criticizing people when you dont know the facts it will make thing harder for this coin. I invested money too If you dont know all the facts why are you talking so much junk.

Advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum. They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. The following days the buy order was mostly dry with a huge sell order due to yesterdays action.

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